Focused Absolute Return Strategies

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New Holland Capital is an alternative investment manager with approximately $5bn of discretionary AUM focused on absolute return investment strategies for institutional clients.

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New Holland has more than 15 years of experience investing in absolute return investment strategies across the liquidity spectrum. Our focus is on low beta return streams that are complementary to the other assets in our clients’ portfolios and include a multi-PM hedge fund strategy and a dedicated program of private market credit-oriented co-investments.

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Founded in 2006, New Holland began as the exclusive, non-discretionary advisors to Dutch pensions for alternative investment allocations. In 2020, we expanded to a multi-client model and now manage ~$6bn in discretionary assets for institutional clients globally.

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NHC is employee-owned and led by its management team.

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Intellectual honesty and a meritocracy of ideas are at the heart of NHC’s identity since we believe they are prerequisites for exceptional investment culture. Supporting this is a commitment to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion, which is achieved by embracing our differences and encouraging open dialogue. The result is a positive and healthy work environment that helps attract and retain a talented and driven team which is critical to NHC’s ability to meet its clients’ needs.

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Investment Philosophy

New Holland’s strategies are designed to seek balance alpha generation, market diversification, and capital preservation through absolute return focused investments. The investment team casts a broad net with the goal of identifying alpha opportunities in both fundamental and quantitative strategies across the liquidity spectrum.

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Investment Solutions

New Holland offers opportunities to invest in focused commingled strategies as well as customized alternative solutions to meet clients’ unique absolute return focused portfolio objectives.

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Separately Managed Accounts

Broadly diversified collection of low correlation strategies across the liquidity spectrum. Potential access to pre-negotiated terms and capacity.

Strategy Diversification

Potential Investments

  • Bond Basis
  • Closed-End Fund Arbitrage
  • Corporate Distressed
  • Equity Capital Markets Trading
  • Esoteric ABS
  • European/Asian Hard Catalyst Event
  • European Non-Performing Loans
  • Film Finance
  • Healthcare Equity Long/Short
  • Index Arbitrage
  • Infrastructure Financing
  • Insurance/Weather
  • Market Neutral Quant Equity
  • Market Neutral Quant Macro
  • Medium-Term Trend Following
  • Micro Rates RV
  • Opportunistic Corporate Lending
  • Pharmaceutical Royalties
  • Regulatory Capital Trades
  • Relative Value Commodity
  • Renewable Energy Lending
  • SPAC Arbitrage
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Tactical Alpha Strategies

New Holland Tactical Alpha Strategies is a liquid, beta neutral multi-portfolio manager platform that focuses on niche investment styles across a wide range of strategies, sectors, and geographies.


  • Arbitrage and Event
  • Commodities
  • Credit Relative Value
  • Equity Capital Markets
  • Equity Long/Short
  • Fixed Income Relative Value
  • Quantitative Equity
  • Quantitative Macro
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Special Opportunity Strategies

New Holland Special Opportunity Strategies focus on investments in niche sectors, including IP / litigation, specialty finance, and real assets / infrastructure.

Potential Investments

  • Aircraft Leasing
  • Clean Energy Financing
  • Commercial Real Estate NPLs
  • Corporate Liquidations
  • Energy Infrastructure
  • Esoteric ABS
  • Film Financing
  • Government Receivables Financing
  • Insurance-Related
  • Litigation Finance
  • M&A Dissent
  • Music Royalties
  • Pharmaceutical R&D Finance
  • Pharmaceutical Royalties
  • Taxi Medallion Financing
  • Trade Finance
  • Transportation Infrastructure
  • Weather Derivatives
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